Margery B., Groomer

Margery has 14 years of experience working with all kinds of animals. She grew up in the suburbs of Pennsylvania and gained nine years of grooming experience. She graduated and was certified by a pet grooming school. She has a salon, mobile grooming, and veterinary grooming experience, including cats. She likes the challenge of grooming double-coated breeds as she is a proud owner of three Shiba Inu and a rabbit.

Whether you want your pets to be comfortable with their grooming experience or look Westminster-ready, she is up to the task and looks forward to grooming your furry friends!

Boarding & Grooming Services

Poughkeepsie Animal Wellness provides boarding and grooming services. If you’re looking to get away for a holiday, our boarding services are just what you’re looking for. Need your pet groomed? We can help with grooming and nail trims, too!

Boarding Services

The Benefits of Boarding Your Dog

  • Boarding helps your dog get to socialize with other pets and make new friends.
  • It’s a way to ensure your dog gets plenty of exercise while you’re away.
  • We will monitor your dog, and we will make sure that your dog is safe and secure.
  • Boarding at a vet can be helpful as we already have medical experience to help your pooch if they get sick while you’re away.

Grooming Services

How Often Should I Get My Pet Groomed?

How often you get your dog groomed depends significantly on the breed of dog and coat type. Grooming, sometimes even twice a day, is necessary for longer-haired dogs. Still, we’d recommend bringing your dog into our facility every 4-6 weeks for longer fur and every 8-12 weeks for short-haired dogs. This way, you can even get your dog’s nails trimmed routinely.

When it comes to cats, cats are generally self-sufficient for the most part, especially when it comes to bathing. The most common reasons for a cat owner to take their cat to a groomer is when there are severe mats in fur or if your cat is very anxious. We can handle your pet and know how to handle a nervous cat.

Let Us Care for Your Pet

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Let Us Care for Your Pet

(845) 473-0358